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If you prefer to donate directly without going through the website, send a check to Cayuga Pure Organics, 18 Banks Rd, Brooktondale, NY 14817.  We will add your contribution to the total on the website and you will save us the Paypal processing fee.

 As many of you know, CPO had a major fire last May that completely destroyed our cleaning and packaging facility and the old barn that housed it.  It was devastating and nearly put CPO out of business.  What really saved CPO and allowed us to continue was the tremendous support we received from both our local community and from so many across the whole region.  It was truly inspiring to see the support for our business and our effort to produce the healthiest foods available through sustainable practices.  So we humbly thank everyone who supported us.

However, despite all the support we received, we still fell short of our goal.  Our original estimate, put together quickly after the fire, was that it would take close to $240,000 to rebuild.  Over the summer, we got better estimates of costs and also worked to trim the budget as much as possible.  We were able to reduce our expected cost to about $212,000.  We had expected this to be our final cost – but then an amazing opportunity opened up.

A Net-Zero Beanery

Talking with another farmer who had recently built an energy efficient barn and working with Snug Planet Insulation in Ithaca, we came up with a design to create a net-zero building for heating and cooling – that is a design that uses no external energy source for heating in winter or cooling in summer.  For specifics on this design, please see our website at  We want this building to be a demonstration building for energy efficient construction.  The additional cost for this design is about $17,000, raising our total cost to $227,000.

During the summer, we were able to raise about $146,000.  Since that time we have received a few more donations and a low-interest loan, raising our total to about $185,000.  As wonderful as this is, we still need to raise another $42,000 to complete the new beanery.  For this we turn to our incredible supporters once again to ask for your help.

Rolled Oats, a New Fresh Product

We are so excited about this new beanery as we will not only have all the capability we had in the old beanery, but it will be more efficient and create higher quality products than we were able to do before.  In addition, we will have the capability to produce a whole new line of rolled grains, especially fresh rolled oats!  As a fresh product, we are convinced that these rolled oats will be better tasting and better for you than any rolled oats, organic or not, you have ever had before.  Their quality will exceed corporately produced rolled oats that are steamed to produce an indefinite shelf life, a process that robs them of the fresh quality that makes our rolled oats unique.

It is truly amazing to see CPO putting all the pieces together to be an even better and stronger company to have the opportunity to create this model energy efficient building, and to be introducing what we think will be our most popular product, rolled oats.  This is your chance to  be part of that process by putting the final piece in place. Please help with whatever you can – and please spread the word.  The beanery is on its way (see pictures on Facebook) and we look forward to seeing all of you at our on-farm celebration coming soon.

Thank you,

The CPO team – Amy, Anne, Dara, Erick, Harlan and Harry

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    I want to be sure that we recognize Tim Gera and Gera Films for volunteering to make the wonderful video that goes with this fundraiser. Tim worked with us on one of the coldest days of this very cold winter (check out my face and Anne’s face in the video) with total enthusiasm. He created the whole narrative, created the interviews, and did all of this in just a few days. It was an incredible pleasure to work with such a talented professional.

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